Homeward bound – the housing transitions of refugees

Project summary

This study focused specifically on refugees as one subset of Third Country Nationals and examines the housing pathways and outcomes of refugees via different routes. The pathways of those subject to organised refugee resettlement programmes (for example, Kosovan HEP, Mandate, Gateway, the vulnerable persons resettlement scheme (VPRS) and the vulnerable children resettlement scheme (VCRS)), have been compared to those experienced by refugees who arrived as spontaneous asylum seekers. 

Project outputs

Housing and refugee policy briefing

Based on an analysis of existing evidence and new primary research this policy briefing looks at how the housing system in the United Kingdom impacts the lives of refugees. It calls for urgent action to review how policy and practice at all levels can be shaped to deliver better outcomes for refugees. It is aimed at those in government, the public sector, the voluntary and community sector and activists.

Transitions – a story of refugee lives

In this comic, you can read about people’s experiences after being granted refugee status. The stories presented in this comic reflect the experiences the researchers heard from refugees during the study.  The events are real events but drawn from a number of different refugee participants.

Homeward bound: an interactive documentary

In this interactive documentary, you can navigate a number of virtual spaces that have been constructed with furniture and objects from the homes of refugees living in the Yorkshire and Humber region whom we visited for our research.

The impact of housing on refugees

These resources summarise the available evidence on what is known of the impact of housing on refugees with relevance to the United Kingdom (UK) context. The digest is aimed at those in leadership and management roles in the housing and social welfare sectors, particularly those in local authorities and housing organisations. It should also be of interest to leaders and elected members with responsibility for housing, neighbourhoods and equalities.
The impact of housing on refugees: an evidence synthesis
The impact of housing on refugees: a research digest

Homeward Bound – the housing transitions of refugees

Providing an in-depth narrative analysis of refugees’ accommodation experiences and the wider context in which these experiences are played out, ‘Homeward Bound: the housing transitions of refugees’ will be published as a book later this year.

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