Improving housing outcomes for refugees: A toolkit

This toolkit builds on existing good practice guides, research, and evidence. We have consulted many different individuals and organisations in its development, including those involved in delivering housing, housing-related services, and supporting refugees and diverse communities, as well as refugees themselves. The toolkit provides a suite of resources, including:

• a checklist for engagement with and for refugees about their housing circumstances, 
• information on key issues, 
• a snapshot of key policies, 
• good practice examples, 
• links to useful resources. 

This toolkit draws on research that has been produced as part of Refugee Integration Yorkshire and Humber. The project ran from January 2021 to December 2023. It sought to understand the housing pathways and experiences of refugees who had settled in the UK over a 30-year period. It has involved extensive scoping reviews of the literature and in-depth research with over 80 refugees and over 100 policy actors and practitioners.